What is PETRONAS education sponsorship?

Since 1975, Petronas, the acronym for Petroliam Nasional Berhad, has been bestowing educational sponsorship to deserving students around the country. Petronas has established itself as a leader in the education sponsorship and has rendered educational support to over 36,000 students who demonstrate a high calibre and resilience to push boundaries with a performance mindset and top notch leadership capability.

PETRONAS is a firm believer in the power of education as it states in its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pillars that education empowers people, enables them to transcend their own personal goals and advance in the world. The vast educational sponsorship opportunities offered by PETRONAS serves to promote education and academic excellence in Malaysia and beyond. PETRONAS’ Higher Educational Sponsorship Programme (HESP) was launched in 2016 with the aim to recognize not only the current talents in Malaysian schools, but also to inspire future talents and maintain the traditions of knowledge and skills that lead to successful learners and professionals. The programme not only aims to provide access to higher education through financial assistance but also to promote academic excellence.

The mutual benefits for PETRONAS and aspiring learners of the HESP Programme extend beyond the obvious. PETRONAS benefits by having a pool of highly talented and trained professionals who can offer positive contribution to their organization while students gain the much needed financial support and access to quality education.

The selection process for the HESP Programme is highly stringent; PETRONAS invests heavily in the search to identify deserving candidates who demonstrate excellence in academics and leadership qualities. Education and ability must be given equal focus and importance. Studying or working in any field of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics is a plus factor according to PETRONAS. Even graduates with a research background are eligible for HESP.

In order to be considered for the PETRONAS HESP Programme, one must first submit an online application to the PETRONAS sponsoring office. The sponsoring office then conducts an eligibility check and those who pass are given the opportunity to attend a selection interview by the sponsoring office and PETRONAS officials. During the interview, candidates are evaluated on their academic excellence, leadership qualities, mastery of the English language and their knowledge of the petroleum industry and contemporary business.

The rewards for successful applicants are numerous and have been taken as a pathway for members of the PETRONAS family to achieve their desired goals. Applicants get to attend world renowned universities, gain exposure to the global market, and in the long run, their studies and experiences can help shape their career path.

The rewards and opportunities that the PETRONAS education sponsorship provides is a testament to the company’s commitment to invest in the future generation and it has paved the way for many aspiring learners to reach their dreams and aspirations. Although the programme is difficult to secure, one mustn’t be discouraged and are urged to pursue a successful application. Those who qualify get to enjoy the benefits that come along with being a PETRONAS Education Sponsorship recipient. Through the PETRONAS Education Sponsorship Programme, you can shape not only your destiny but help shape the future of the entire nation.

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What is the PETRONAS Scholarship Award?

The PETRONAS scholarship award is an opportunity offered by the Malaysian oil and gas company, PETRONAS. The program offers 213 deserving students the chance to pursue tertiary education at local and foreign universities. This year, PETRONAS awarded 137 local and 76 international scholarships.

The PETRONAS scholarship awards are granted to students who show outstanding academic achievements, financial need, and exceptional leadership skills. PETRONAS has periodically provided scholarship awards since 1992, with 2020 marking the 28th year of the program.

The PETRONAS Education Sponsorship Programme (PESP) is designed to provide financial assistance and academic support to academically gifted, yet financially challenged Malaysian students. This program offers a full or partial tuition fee sponsorship for their foundation education until the completion of their first degree. Along with the scholarship award, recipients receive additional benefits such as: a monthly allowance, overseas study allowance, and industry attachments.

In 2020, PETRONAS has awarded 213 scholarships out of which 137 were given to local students and 76 were presented to international students. 54 of the local scholars were awarded full scholarships — with coverage of both tuition fees and non-academic expenses, while 83 local recipients only received tuition fee assistance.

The 76 international recipients of the scholarship awards were selected based on their academic achievements and ability to contribute to the PETRONAS Group of Companies. Those scholars are sponsored to study in selected universities in Australia, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Recipients of the PETRONAS Scholarship Award are required to return to Malaysia and work for PETRONAS Group of Companies for a certain period after the completion of their degree. This is part of a mutual commitment between the awardees and PETRONAS in order to ensure the sponsorship achieves its desired outcomes.

The PETRONAS Education Sponsorship Programme has increased the opportunities available to Malaysians to pursue higher education, and has empowered those students to successfully further their studies in a broader range of disciplines.

Since its inception in 1992, the PETRONAS Scholarship Award has provided assistance to more than 3,700 deserving students. PETRONAS has achieved an excellent track record in this regard, with a mission to create “The Brightest Future” for its awardees. The scholarship recognises the need to create a brighter future for Malaysian students who wish to pursue tertiary education and build successful careers.

The PETRONAS Scholarship Award encourages the nation’s younger generation to push the boundaries of their potential, broaden their education, and create an impact in the global village. This award is not just a financial assistance program, it also hopes to build Malaysian students into future leaders that can guide the country towards a brighter tomorrow.

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How do I apply for PESP?

Do you have an ambition to pursue your studies and gain knowledge further but you are running short on funds? Well, not to worry, Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme (PESP) is here to make sure you can fulfill your dreams without monetary constraints. The PESP is an application-based sponsorship program offered to Malaysians to pursue their studies locally and abroad.

How do I apply for PESP?

Students who want to apply for the PESP must fill the online application form available at the Petronas website. Before applying for the program, applicants must be aware of the PESP’s eligibility criteria. To be considered for the program, applicants must meet all the requirements. The eligibility criteria are as follows –

• Applicant must be a Malaysian citizen

• Applicant must have a confirmed place in an institution recognized by the relevant government or educational authority

• Applicant must only have a minimum CGPA of 3.0 from the past semester

• Applicant must be able to demonstrate financial need

• Applicant must demonstrate good background of personal character

Upon meeting the PESP’s eligibility criteria, the applicant must submit the required documents via the online application form. All applications must be submitted through the online application system which is available at https://educationsponsorship.petronas.com.my. Upon approval of the application, the students will be connected with a PESP officer who will guide them in further processes and answer all the queries of the applicants.

No processing fee is required for PESP application and applicants are not required to provide any form of additional documents or information while submitting the application. However, students may be asked by the PESP officer to furnish additional documents to support the application if need be.

All applications will be evaluated judiciously and within 7 to 10 working days a verdict on the application will be available. Selected applicants will be contacted by the PESP team and a PESP officer will be assigned to them for all the further proceedings.

The PESP team regularly approves several applications for a variety of graduate and postgraduate courses in diverse fields in public and private universities all around the world. The program also offers scholarships for industrial training, pre-university studies and specialized courses. data from the past year suggests that more than 900 scholarships have been approved since the beginning of the PESP program.

In conclusion, PESP is a perfect opportunity for all students who want to pursue their higher studies but are facing financial constraints. Before applying for the program, applicants must ensure that they meet all the eligibility criteria and submit their complete applications using the online application form available. All the required information can be found at the PESP’s official website and any queries regarding the application process can be directed towards the PESP team through their contact details. Applications can be submitted without any processing fee and within 7 to 10 working days, selected applicants will be contacted by the PESP team.

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How to get scholarship from PETRONAS?

PETRONAS is a Malaysian oil and gas company which provides educational scholarships for exceptional students. With the help of the PETRONAS scholarships, students can finance their studies and pursue their professional dreams. As the requirements to qualify for the scholarship are highly demanding, this article will provide an overview of the eligibility criteria for gaining a PETRONAS education sponsorship.

The Scholarship is mainly open to current students with excellent academic achievement, especially in the Pre-University Examination (SPM) of the current year. To be eligible, applicants must have a minimum SPM score of 8A in the subjects of physics, chemistry, mathematics and, optionally, in non-technical courses, mathematics.

Apart from outstanding academic performance, PETRONAS also looks for candidates who are strong in soft-skills and demonstrate impressive leadership qualities. Prospective applicants must demonstrate leadership skills and active participation in various co-curricular activities, local and international, such as debate, leadership training and volunteering in community projects.

Moreover, PETRONAS requires a comprehensive assessment to assess the learners in terms of leadership, academic, communication and psychological skill. Prospective candidates must undertake written tests and interviews with PETRONAS’ representatives to assess their suitability for the scholarship.

To prepare for these assessments, students need to have an in-depth understanding of the organization and its core values, as well an awareness of the Malaysian oil and gas industry. Moreover, mastering the application procedure itself is a key factor to achieving a successful outcome.

For achieving success in the process of acquiring a PETRONAS education scholarship students are encouraged to apply as early as possible and make sure that the application is submitted on time. They should also make intensive efforts to create a positive impression and showcase the values that the organization expects from its successful applicants.

Above all, the prospective applicant must ascertain that he meets all the requirements of the scholarship before undertaking the rigorous selection process. Candidates with partial qualifications can still apply but must assess their chances of winning the scholarship over other candidates.

In conclusion, to acquire a PETRONAS education scholarship requires meeting challenging eligibility criteria and undergoing rigorous assessment procedures. With hard work and dedication, dedicated students can become successful recipients of these exclusive and highly reputable scholarships.

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