How do I search Google with keywords?

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What are the top 10 searched topics on Google?

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What is the most searched keywords on Google?

Search engine giant Google has been under the spotlight lately when it comes to tracking the most searched keywords on the Web. Times have changed and Google has surpassed all other search engines in terms of capturing the most searched terms. To put it differently, it has become the most used platform for finding information and content. But before we take a look at the 100 top keywords on Google – worldwide, it is important to discuss what actually ‘search volume’ is.

Search volume is the number of unique searches of a particular keyword or phrase on a particular search engine (in this case Google). In a given period, the search traffic associated with a certain keyword signifies how people use a search engine to find information. This search traffic, put in a broader perspective, is a measure of the popularity of the keyword being used.

Knowing this information can provide tremendous value, especially if you are running an online business. In terms of search volume, some keywords are searched more than others. It can be very useful to know what keywords are being searched the most and how often. This will enable businesses to position their services or products more efficiently and gain access to a wider target audience.

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To gain insights into which keywords are the most-searched on the Internet giant Google, it is important to be aware of the 100 top keywords on Google – worldwide.

Most-Searched Keywords on Google

Rank Search Term Traffic Leader

1 Youtube

2 Facebook

3 Pornhub

4 Weather

5 Netflix

6 Wikipedia

7 Amazon


9 Apple

10 Playstore

These keywords account for some of the most searched terms on the entire Search Engine. Youtube, the video streaming platform, is the most popular of them all. It remains the leader when it comes to the topmost spot as the most searched website. This has been the trend in recent years and it remains true today.

The video sharing site is followed by the social media giant Facebook, the adult entertainment website Pornhub and the weather prediction website Weather. Netflix, the ever popular movie and TV show platform, Wikipedia and Amazon, the e-commerce giant, have become the most searched terms around the world. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the media streaming sites and online shopping websites have made it to the list.

ESPN, Apple, and the PlayStore follow them in the list among the top 10 websites searched for. While it is also seen that Apple’s website is one of the most searched terms, ESPN is the most popular with its sports news and updates.

The web giant Google captures a diverse range of keywords and there is no universal keyword or content that is the most searched. It all depends on the market trends and the content available on the web. It must also be noted that over the years, the search engine has seen a drastic shift in language barriers and even includes various languages in its results. Overall, it is important to keep track of the top keywords and phrases being used to be able to target the right market and stay ahead of the competition.

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This list of the top 100 keywords on Google – worldwide will help businesses plan their marketing strategies better. Not only will it provide them with valuable data on the trends currently used in the market but also remind them of the ever-changing search engine trends that they need to stay up-to-date with.

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